Key Words to Know When Searching for a Perfect Destin Waterfront Vacation Property

Key Words to Know When Searching for s Perfect Destin Waterfront Vacation Property

Gulf front. Beach Front. Gulf Side…. what does it all mean? Well, we are glad you asked. These terms can be confusing and used improperly if one is not aware of the true meanings. Here is a quick little guide to help you make the most informed decision when choosing your perfect Destin vacation property.


You will be directly facing the Gulf of Mexico. Usually means a higher floor but also includes the ground floor.


You will not be facing the gulf and you may not even have a view.


A gulf view just means you will be able to see the gulf. It may be a glimpse or it could still be a really good view, but you will not be direct facing the gulf front. However, a gulf view may also mean the unit faces the gulf, but there is a road or other obstructions between you and the gulf. Again, not direct gulf front.


Beachfront usually means you have direct access to the beach, ie: ground floor unit. As soon as you walk out of the door, you are stepping onto the sand. 


The unit faces the bay. The bay is a body of water that is between the mainland and the peninsula or island and connects with the main body of water. There may or may not be a beach area, per se.


Unit faces a body of water. This could mean the property is on a pond, lake, or canal. It usually will not mean it faces the gulf. Check with the property management company to understand where this unit is located.

Hopefully, now you are feeling a little less overwhelmed and feel a bit more certain about what you and your family are searching for when rental hunting. Who knows, you may even be able to help a friend out with these terms when they are trying to plan their own perfect vacation, with your wealth of information!


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