11 Beach Etiquette Tips You Should Not Ignore

11 Beach Etiquette Tips You Should Not Ignore

Hitting the beach is pretty much the reason for the summer season in Destin. Visitors come from all over the US and sometimes other countries. Most days the beaches will be packed with families. Some come for a few hours, others are there to stay until that big, beautiful sunsets in the west. It’s safe to say everyone just wants to have a good day, relaxing, enjoying all that is Destin. 
Being the beach enthusiasts that we are, here at Emerald Destin, we’d like to offer up some beach etiquette. So when you and your family hit the beach, you will be well educated on the dos and don’ts of “beachin’”. In return, everyone can enjoy their beautiful, beachy day!

Space yourself out

When you are on a public beach and are setting out your blankets and chairs, make sure to give people their space. Just because there is a small spot that you think you can wedge your towel into because it’s right where you’d like to be… Don’t do it, please go find somewhere else – even if it’s a little further down the beach. You’ll enjoy your day better as well when you have room to breathe and people are not glaring at you all day. 

Don’t feed the birds

Please don’t feed the seagulls or the pigeons or the cute little sandpipers. Well, any bird for that fact. The moment you give them one crumb, that’s it. They will not leave you in peace until someone else down the beach makes the mistake you just did. Birds are fearless, man. We’ve seen them try to take sandwiches out of people’s hands! They are honey badgers. They don’t care!

Keep your music down

We know this next one will shock you, but not everyone likes to listen to a little Buffett on the beach. We did an informal survey on what people are listening to while they are “beachin”. Surprisingly, a number said they just want to listen to the waves. So, be courteous when you have your beach tunes playing. Make sure that they aren’t bothering others around you. You might be better off bringing your earbuds. That way, you can turn Brantley Gilbert up as loud as you like.

Clean up after yourself

Pick up your trash when you leave. This may be a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of people who just up and leave. All their trash from the day, laying right there where they were sitting all day long. It’s bad etiquette, it’s bad for the environment and other people are not your maid.

Please don’t smoke

Don’t smoke at the beach. People are at the beach to enjoy the fresh air. Nobody wants to smell your cigarette, your vape or your choice of herb. It’s not cool. Don’t smoke at the beach.

Don’t sit right in front of people

So, you are sitting in your chair that you reserved (and paid dearly for)  two weeks prior. You are in the front row taking pictures, watching the kids play in the surf, and enjoying your view. That’s when a family with their own chairs comes and plops down right in front! Yes, this happens. It is so infuriating. And we are here to tell you, it will test your best southern manners. Dear rude person, if you want a better spot, make your reservations when you are supposed to. If it’s a public beach, get there earlier or move down the beach where there isn’t anyone already enjoying theirs. Don’t be that person. It’s beyond rude. 

Watch out for your kids

Pay attention to your children. Always know where they are. The beach is a glorious place to be, but it’s also so dangerous. Make sure you always know where they are. It’s not everyone else’s job to babysit your child.

Watch out for others

On that same note, keep an eye out if you see littles without a parent. Keep an eye on them until you know for sure there is someone there for them. You know the saying, “It takes a village.”

Fill in your holes

For some reason, kids love to dig holes at the beach. Out of everything that they could do, digging a hole is the most appealing activity. We aren’t quite sure why or what purpose these holes serve. The only thing that changes over the years is how deep the hole is. The older, the deeper. Please make sure you cover any holes before you go in for the day. They don’t disappear overnight and there isn’t anyone that will come along and cover them, either. It will reduce the risk of someone not seeing it and possibly hurting themselves when they step or fall into it. Also, turtles can fall into them and not be able to get out. This is especially bad during nesting season.

Find an open space

If you and your family like to play catch, frisbee, or football, please take it away from the crowds. If there isn’t a way to get away from the crowds, maybe save it for another time.

Don’t be a sand jerk

Picture this, you are sitting there in your own beachy bliss when all of the sudden, ACK! There’s sand being flung into your eyes and mouth! “Neighbor” is shaking out their sandy towels and blankets. Please be a courteous neighbor. Blankets and towels can wait until you are away from the crowds. Like they say, “It’s all fun and games until someone shakes a sandy towel!”. 

Hope these will somewhat prepare you and help you get a better start to your beach day by avoiding some “Oops”. Did any of these surprise you? Do you have some of your own that we should include? If so, please let us know.  We like to keep our readers up to date on anything that is helpful in daily Destin life. 


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